About us

At Connexion Engineering we are highly experienced across a broad range of industries, including Retail Service Stations and Fuel Depots, Aviation, Defence, Mining, Commercial, Manufacturing and the Marine market sectors.

We design, construct and service fuel storage and delivery systems with adherence to all relevant standards.
Our principal engineer, Carsten Henriksen (BEng – Mechatronics (Hons), MIE Aust) is a valued member of the Institute of Engineering. He has over 25 years’ experience in construction and service for industrial installations, chemical storage facilities and water treatment plants – some of his previous projects include:

Carsten’s expertise starts with the design of liquid distribution systems (especially petrochemical), preparation of technical drawings in both 2D CAD and 3D modelling, project managing the installations and planning equipment maintenance schedules.

Connexion Engineering is committed to an engineering standard that places a very high importance on safety and operates in full compliance with Australian Standards, WorkCover and the Environmental Protection Authority.

We also have experience with and adhere to international industry standards, including the American Institute of Petroleum and Underwriters Laboratories.

If you have any project, large or small, that requires engineering design for any kind of fluid measurement, control or waste containment, contact us to discuss how we can help – we look forward to hearing from you!